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Guidelines for Booking Tickets and Visa for the Dawrah 'Ilmiyyah in Indonesia

Please follow these guidelines for booking your tickets and visa for the Dawrah 'Ilmiyyah in Indonesia.

Visa Booking

  • To secure your 30 Days Tourist Visa on Arrival (B213), visit the official website.
  • Use the postcode number 93231 and specify your place of residence as ICM, Kendari.
  • The visa is typically issued within 5 minutes after making a payment of approximately USD 35.

Flight Reservations

  • Book your flight tickets to Kendari, Indonesia, ensuring that you arrive on the morning of December 21st, and your return flight from Kendari, Indonesia is scheduled for the afternoon of December 30th.
  • If you plan to arrive a day earlier or depart a day later, please arrange for your accommodation for those extra days.
  • Please note that there may not be direct flights to Kendari. In such cases, you can book a flight to Jakarta and then arrange a separate connecting flight to Kendari. Ensure you have sufficient time between the two flights for a smooth transition.

Arrival and Accommodation

  • Upon your arrival in Kendari, we will provide airport pick-up services.
  • During your stay, you will be accommodated in the masjid.
  • AMAU will arrange breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring delicious Indonesian cuisine.
  • Showering facilities are available in the masjid.
  • Please check the detailed itinerary by clicking here.

Registration Completion

  • Once you have received your tickets and visa, kindly complete your registration by filling out this form here
  • Please complete this form before November 5, 2023, to secure your seat. Failure to do so may result in your seat being allocated to another student on the waiting list.

We look forward to your participation in the Dawrah 'Ilmiyyah in Indonesia.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk@amauacademy.com.