Student of Knowledge Program

With Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan & Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble

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About This Program

The Student of Knowledge Program by AMAU Academy is tailor-made for those who wish to embark on a journey of seeking Islamic knowledge in a structured, progressive and detailed manner. Our syllabus is comprehensive and thorough, making it the ultimate solution for serious students of knowledge looking to get closer to Allah. Get ready to learn subjects that have never been taught before in the English language!

This is not a 1-year program, or a 5-year program, or a 10-year program. This is a life-long journey where we want to develop our students into the next generation of scholars, with Allah’s permission. Our teachers will be focused on nurturing the student upon classical books written by some of the greatest scholars that have ever lived.

We aim to take our students from an introduction into each of the different Islamic sciences, all the way to the tafseer of every ayah in The Qur’an, and an explanation of every hadith in the six mother books of hadith. A complete journey from beginning to end, with the permission of Allah.

Who Is This Program For?

  •  Anyone who wants to seek knowledge in a structured, progressive and detailed manner.
  •  Anyone who wants to become a student of knowledge / teacher / scholar.
  •  Anyone who wants to study Islam online.
  •  Anyone who wants to improve their connection with Allah by studying His religion in detail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-paced program where students receive access to a new video every single day for as long as Allah gives us the ability You can watch them at a time that suits you. There are regular live Q&A sessions, in which you can ask your teacher any questions, regardless of where you are in the curriculum.

There is no age limit for the program, because seeking Islamic knowledge is not restricted to a particular age. However, if you are under the legal age in your country you will need assistance from your parent or guardian in order to pay for the subscriptions.

The program will primarily be taught in English, but the instructors will use Arabic every now and then to encourage the students to become familiar with the Arabic language.

No. As long as you have the desire to learn, don't let your lack of Arabic knowledge stop you from joining. You will automatically get access to the Arabic With AMAU program on our website after signing up for the Student of Knowledge program, and we encourage you to study that alongside your program here.

Once you sign up, you will receive access to all of the lessons that have been released so far, as well as the upcoming live Q&A sessions. The flexible structure of the program means you can study the pathways in any order, as long as you begin with ‘Aqeedah, so you can start catching up on any missed content at your own pace.

Once you sign up, you will receive access to the upcoming live Q&A sessions and class recordings as well as all recordings of the previous classes that you may have missed. The structure of the program means that you do not have to take the Foundation Courses in any particular order, so you can start catching up on the missed courses at your own pace.

The two monthly live Q&A sessions are scheduled for 6 pm UK time on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. Timings throughout the year might vary based on changes in prayer timings and other factors, and we expect the students to be flexible in this regard. In case you miss any live Q&A sessions, the recordings will be available on the website within 48 hours, in shaa Allah.

Of course! Once you've passed the module, you will receive an E-Certificate signed by the instructors.

For a detailed FAQ page on billing and customer service please visit this link.

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